New Jersey Interpreter Services and Language Translation Services


New Jersey, or “The Garden State,” is one of the smallest states in the US. In spite of its limited land mass, New Jersey is a densely populated, melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. Interpreters Unlimited has been meeting the diverse language service needs of New Jersey for over 40 years, by providing in-person interpretation, document translation, and over-the-phone interpreting services.

Which industries can benefit from New Jersey interpreters or translators?

Medical – IU currently services hospitals, behavioral clinics, rehabilitation centers, and other medical facilities throughout the state of New Jersey. We provide a host of language services including in-person interpreting, document translation, and over-the-phone interpretation. Interpreters Unlimited provides medically certified interpreters to enable accurate communication between patients and medical staff.

Legal – Interpreters Unlimited interpreters offer language services for court hearings, mediations, depositions, and other legal sessions. Our certified legal interpreters are familiar with the legal arena and have experience interpreting for all types of legal situations.

Tourism and Travel – From the capital city of Trenton to the Ivy League campus of Princeton University, New Jersey is a Northeastern tourist attraction that draws in travelers year after year. For visitors with limited English proficiency, translators and interpreters can facilitate communication, resulting in a more enjoyable stay on the Jersey shore.

Insurance Companies – In the same way that medical communications require absolute accuracy, insurance companies and their clients rely on interpreting services to deliver the same level of precision and efficiency when it comes to their translation and interpretation needs. Consequently, language interpreters and document translators are a valuable resource in the insurance industry.

Languages Spoken In New Jersey:

Italian – New Jersey is home to a large number of Italian-American residents. Interpreters Unlimited has an extensive list of Italian interpreters and language translators based in the New Jersey area to address the language service needs of the Italian-speaking community.

Spanish – The number of Hispanics and Latinos in New Jersey is growing every day. While Spanish may not be the most common language spoken in the area, it is important not to underestimate the language needs of this population. IU offers a wide range of language services in New Jersey, including in-person Spanish interpreters, document translation, and over-the-phone Spanish interpretation services.

Polish – The Polish population is one of the larger ethnic groups residing in New Jersey. Consequently, there is a growing need for Polish interpreters to accommodate the interpreter and translation needs of this community.

Turkish – There is a significantly sized Turkish-speaking community in the New Jersey Area. The city of Paterson, NJ is home to an area named Little Istanbul, where many Turkish-Americans in the region reside. Interpreters Unlimited has expert Turkish interpreters and translators to meet any Turkish language service requests.

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