Michigan Interpreter and Translator



The land mass alone of Michigan practically guarantees a largely diverse population. In addition to having a sizeable Arab community, it is also home to the largest Dutch, Finish, and Macedonian populations in the US. Given this eclectic mix of cultural backgrounds, the need for Michigan interpreter and translation companies is a natural certainty.

Who benefits from a Michigan interpreter or translator?
With its huge population of multicultural citizens, Michigan has a unique need for certified translators in a variety of industries. If you are based in the Michigan area and possess language skills, consider a job where you can make a difference- become a Michigan translator.

Medical – Michigan has several major cities, the largest being Detroit. Unfortunately, there are still numerous hospitals in Michigan without translators because many of them have relocated to the large urban area of Detroit.

Legal Industry – Detroit has a relatively high crime rate. Unfortunately, many cultures suffer discrimination and misrepresentation in the legal system due to a lack of competent interpreters. Skilled, legally certified interpreters are a necessity to ensure that all individuals are represented fairly and accurately in court matters.

Tourism and Travel – Unbeknownst to many, Detroit has a large travel and tourism industry. There is a need for interpreter services in a variety of facilities in this area, particularly throughout the state’s numerous transportation institutions.

Insurance Companies – Although Michigan isn’t in an area of the U.S. that generally is subject to natural disasters, there are still many reasons why all residents need insurance. Home, car, and property insurance are important assets. They should be an opportunity made available to all, regardless of language skills.

Languages Spoken In Michigan:

Lebanese – Since the 1920’s, Michigan has had a large number of Arab-American immigrants who originally settled in the Detroit area because of its prime job market and location. Since then, the community has thinned down to a primarily Lebanese and Assyrian community. The largest concentration of the Lebanese community is located in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit.

Assyrian – The other portion of Michigan’s large Arab-American population is the Assyrian community, also found primarily in the Dearborn area and the suburb regions of Detroit. Assyrian translators and interpreters are often hard to come by, which is why it is essential for them not to overlook the Dearborn area.

Spanish – While Assyrian and Lebanese populations constitute a significant portion of the Michigan demographic, there is also a strongly represented Hispanic and Latin American community. Spanish interpreters and translators are necessary all over the United States, but particularly in larger urban areas such as Detroit, which has a high concentration of Spanish speaking families and individuals.

Portuguese – Portuguese is another common language in the Hispanic and Latin American community. Portuguese interpreters and translators in Michigan will find many work opportunities, particularly in the Detroit areas.

Interpreters Unlimited offers an extensive list of certified interpreters in Michigan. If you are seeking an interpreter for a specific language, please refer to our language list for more information.