Orange County Interpreting Services and Translation Services

Interpreters Unlimited provides language interpreting services and document translation services for over 200 languages. With a regional office located in southern California, our team works with OC organizations that have required an array of language services, including Sign Language interpreters, Spanish translation services, Spanish interpreting services, and medical translations. OC interpreters and document translators are in high demand, assisting with language translation and interpreting service needs all over the county.

Which industries can benefit from Orange County interpreters or translators?
Interpreters Unlimited works with a wide spectrum of clientele including, but not limited to, the following:

website translation and localizationWebsite Translation Services – Providing language specific versions of your business website can greatly increase your target audience. We provide expert website translation services to companies of all sizes across a variety of industries. Call 800-785-8634 for more information.

school district interpretersInterpreter Services for Schools – We deliver reliable language translation services and in-person interpreting services including Sign Language interpreting for parents, teachers, students, and school staff. Call 800.785-8634 to schedule an interpreter for your next school function.

legal document translation iconCourthouses and Law Firms – Our Orange County interpreters provide language services for mediation, court hearings, depositions, consultation and other legal sessions. Interpreters Unlimited also offers translation services for documents and legal forms. Contact us to receive a free estimate for your next document translation project.

business document translationCorporate Interpreting Services and Translation Services – Our team works with small to large businesses providing interpreting services for conventions, conferences, negotiations, employee training, conference calls, public town hall meetings, and many other corporate events.

Healthcare interpretersMedical Translation Services – A medically qualified translator is the only option to guarantee that both medical staff and patients alike can converse (and be understood) easily and accurately. We currently service hospital facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, urgent care, and private physician’s offices throughout Orange County with language services and patient transportation services.

Client Testimonials:

“I had an important meeting with a deaf couple. I was unsure if I would be able to find a good ASL interpreter. I was impressed with the interpreter that was sent. I was very happy with the outcome and will more than likely use this company’s services again in the future.” –Yolanda, Century 21

“Our interpreter Wendy was very professional. She adapted quickly to the terminology in our industry and was able to help us communicate better with our potential client. The service was prompt, the customer service was excellent, and I will definitely be using this service again when the need arises.”  – Nate, Sunshine Supply

“Have only had their service for a couple of weeks. The first text translation request was returned in a business day. Great customer service. Always available to answer any questions or accommodate a special request.” –Cristina, Dept of Justice

Languages in Orange County:

Spanish – A 2010 census showed that over one third of Orange County residents are of Hispanic or Latino descent. Based on this data, it is clear why Spanish interpreters and Spanish language translators are in high demand in the OC area. Interpreters Unlimited has an extensive list of experienced Spanish translators based in Orange County.

American Sign Language – There is a sizable population of deaf (and hard-of-hearing) individuals in the Orange County area. Interpreters Unlimited ASL interpreters are skilled at providing Sign Language interpretation for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Vietnamese – The Orange County area has a considerably high concentration of Vietnamese-Americans. Experienced interpreters and translators are necessary to address the language service needs of the growing Vietnamese speaking population.

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