Georgia Interpreter Services and Language Translation

Interpreters Unlimited is providing Georgia with interpreting services and translation services statewide. This includes Georgia Sign Language interpreter services and Spanish professional and medical translations. This Empire State of the South continues to experience an increased population of individuals with limited English proficiency. IU proudly services the state with translating services in Spanish translation, French translation and many exotic translation languages. This also includes legal translations and medical translations.

Georgia Interpreters and Translators

IU currently provides the state of Georgia with the following language translation services and interpreting services which cover over 130 languages and dialects.

Academic Interpretation

– IU provides Fulton County Schools and Atlanta Public schools with ASL interpreting services. Since 1970 IU has been servicing school districts with in-person interpreters services and translating services. This includes interpreting services for students, parents, and staff that are hard of hearing or hearing impaired or those who are not comfortable communicating in English. Contact IU toll free at 800.726.9891 to request an interpreter.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Interpretation and Translation

– IU provides Georgia medical translations and medical interpreters for hospital facilities, clinics, urgent care, rehab, and physician’s offices. Contact Interpreters Unlimited and learn more about how we can help patients fully understand their health condition, needs, and treatment. Only a professional medical interpreter can adequately assist patients who have limited English proficiency or an ASL interpreter for those that are hearing impaired or deaf.

Legal Firms and Courtrooms

– Interpreters Unlimited works with the legal community to help with Spanish translation, Spanish interpreters, American Sign Language interpretation, and other languages. Our language translators have experience with working in court hearings, mediations, depositions, interviews, and other legal settings.

Insurance Companies

– Interpreters Unlimited provides Georgia with insurance interpretation and translation service along with workers’ compensation interpretation. As a one-stop interpretation and translation company, IU is the best resource for Spanish interpreters, Sign Language interpreters and other languages. Contact us to receive a free estimate or call 800.7236.9891.

Government Language Services

– Interpreters Unlimited provides Georgia language translation and interpreting services for various government agencies as well as Health and Human Services. Contact Interpreters Unlimited today to learn more about the interpreting services and translation services IU currently supplies to government agencies. Contact IU at 800.726.9891 for an Atlanta interpreter, Augusta language translator, Macon translator, Savannah interpreter, Americus interpreter or any other Georgia language interpreters or translator.