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With its myriad islands, Alaska (sometimes referred to as the “Last Frontier”) is the largest state in the US by area. Many languages are spoken in Alaska, some of which include Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog and other native languages.

With more than 40 years of experience, the IU Group of companies (Interpreters Unlimited, Albors & Alnet, Arkansas Spanish Interpreters & Translators and Accessible Communication for the Deaf) provides excellent translation and interpretation services in sign language and 200 languages and dialects.

Services in Alaska

  • Telephone Interpretation
  • In-person Interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)
  • American Sign Language Interpretation (ASL)
  • Document Translation

Interpreters Unlimited caters to the following industries in Alaska

Oil & GasOne third of the state’s jobs are in the Oil & Gas industry making it the state’s biggest economic driver. Given the nature of this industry there is often international business correspondence that requires language services.Our qualified language translators and interpreters in Alaska fulfill this need with their experience and skill.

LegalLegal and courtroom language interpreters and translators play a very important role in Alaska. Using an IU language expert ensures that interpretations or translations are represented with the highest level of accuracy and the lowest possible turnaround time.

MiningThe mining industry is another economic driver of the state of Alaska, with demands increasing throughout the world. Many customers visiting Alaska come from various international locations; interpreters and translators can help by providing language services to ensure efficient, error-free business communication and enhance company growth.

Healthcare/MedicalCorrect and clear communication is of utmost importance in the medical field as it directly deals with human lives. If the need to translate medical transcriptions arises, Albors & Alnet has skilled translators that specialize in the translation of medical terminology. Likewise, if a patient does not speak the same language as the healthcare provider, a medically certified interpreter is the only option to guarantee that both parties can converse (and be understood) easily and accurately. A medically certified interpreter is the only option to guarantee that both parties can converse (and be understood) easily and accurately.

Travel & TourismAlaska is a land of abundant natural beauty including glaciers, mountains, wildlife, adventure sports and sea life amongst a myriad of other things to do. One of the finest vacation destinations in the country, interpreting services can be helpful for travelers that do not speak the primary languages in Alaska.

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