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Localization refers to the actual adaptation of the product for a specific market. The localization phase involves, among other things, linguistic, physical, business, cultural, and technical issues. In addition to translation (and, therefore, grammar and spelling issues that vary from place to place where the same language is spoken), the localization process might include adapting graphics; adopting local currencies; the choice of appropriate colors; and many other details, including rethinking the physical structure of a product.

Speed and Accuracy

Whereas localization is the process of adapting one product to a particular locale, globalization designs the product to minimize the extra work required for each localization.

♦    Legal Documents and Transcripts
♦    Contracts
♦    Annual Reports
♦    Websites
♦    Product Labels
♦    Educational and Instructional Materials
♦    Technical Manuals

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Performance Guarantee

We provide a 100% accuracy guarantee for all of our translations. We stand by all of the translations performed by our translators. If you are not completely satisfied with a completed translation, we will fix it, free of charge, until it meets your full satisfaction. If there are any issues or questions with a document that we have translated, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the quality and accuracy of the finished product.

If you have any other questions regarding our translation process or pricing, email us at If you would like to request an estimate, please include the files for translation with the email.

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