Kentucky Translation & Interpretation Services


Known as “The  Bluegrass State”, Kansas is home to a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Expert language translators and interpreters at Interpreters Unlimited have been meeting the diverse language needs of Kentucky for over 40 years. We provide professional language interpretation services over the telephone, in person and via video. Interpreters Unlimited also offers accurate document translation services and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation.

Which industries can benefit from Kentucky translators and interpreters?

Interpreters Unlimited supports a wide range of businesses across the state of Kentucky by providing translation services and interpretation services in over 130 languages and dialects.

Tourism & Travel – With an abundance of natural resources, a strong musical culture, and traditional southern cooking, Kansas has a growing tourism and travel industry. Visitors from across the country come to Kansas for the state’s landmarks and southern hospitality.

Legal – Our Kentucky translators and interpreters provide language services for all types of legal situations and settings including mediations, court hearings, depositions, consultation and other legal sessions. Certified language experts ensure that legal communications, whether in person or on paper, are represented precisely and without error.

Medical – Hospitals require clear and accurate communication between patients and medical staff. Our Kansas translators and interpreters address this need. Translating medical forms or providing interpretation of a patient’s concerns are just two examples of the dynamic role played by interpreters and translators.

Languages Spoken In Kentucky

Spanish – Kentucky has a significant population of Spanish-speaking individuals. Interpreters Unlimited provides professional language services to meet Spanish interpretation and translation needs across the region.

German – Although Kentucky’s population of German speakers is relatively small, there is still an existing need for Vietnamese translator services. It is vital to ensure that adequate language service resources are available for all languages, including those that are less common.

French – French is another language that can be encountered in Kentucky. Interpreters Unlimited offers a robust list of interpretation and translation services to meet the needs of Kentucky’s French-speaking community.

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