Ohio Interpreter and Translator


Ohio may not be the melting pot of different cultures that some states are, but there are still areas in which several different ethnicity mingle and get along, and live together. There are major cities, and even small towns, in which several ethnicities reside. Ohio translation is as important in this state, as it is in any other, especially because so many people underestimate the need for translators.

Who can benefit from an Ohio interpreter or translator?
Below, you’ll find just a few of the different career paths that certified translators can choose in Ohio. These jobs make it that much either for clients, and patients, to communicate effectively with the people who can make a difference in, or even save their lives, –and that means interpreters themselves, are making the difference too.

Medical – With Ohio’s recently enlarging Laotian and Thai communities, several major hospitals may be at a loss for competent interpreters and translators. The medical needs of others are so important, and not being able to meet these needs is part of the huge language barrier issue. With great Ohio translators and interpreters, the medical needs of every resident can be met, without restrictions due to language issues.

Legal – Ohio’s a largely rural state, but despite its mostly peaceful appearance, there are still a couple large cities, such as Akron, or Columbus, in which crime levels are high. Regardless of region, crime, and civil disputes often arise. Ohio translators and interpreters create a more peaceful courtroom, and give every participant the chance to be heard, and understood.

Tourism and Travel – While the travel industry in Ohio isn’t overrun with people clamoring to visit; there are still plenty of visitors to the state. Relatives and friends visiting from other countries or from elsewhere with no English skills still need the same consideration. Ohio translators and interpreters will find jobs at airports, train and bus depots, but they may not be full time.

Insurance Companies – The need for insurance in Ohio is just as great as it might be in any other state; in the central US there are also threats of tornados. And the need for insurance is shared by many cultures; not just those that speak English. Insurance companies near or in communities with a large Asian population should have translators or interpreters on staff. Other companies should have translators and interpreters on call at least.

Languages Spoken In Ohio:

Laotian – Laotian are immigrating into the Ohio area in the last few years more and more, and among the many other ethnicities, Ohio’s Asian immigration percentages are raising in particular. Ohio’s many education and employment opportunities make it an attractive alternative to other states that are more or less populated.

Thai – With the Laotian community’s rise, so too have raised the numbers of immigrants from Thailand. Thai interpreters and translators can find the most work in the Cleveland and Columbus areas; this is where the main concentration of Asian immigrants and citizens can be found.

Spanish – Recent Ohio demographics studies have revealed that the statistics for Ohio citizens who speak Spanish at home have risen. The main Hispanic population concentration is in the Cleveland and Toledo regions of Ohio, and their suburbs. The Hispanic population in these areas is not rapidly increasing, but there will always be a need for Spanish interpreters and translators in these areas.

Italian – Ohio has a small community of Italian immigrants, and citizens, as well as a fair share of people with Italian heritage and descent. However, this does not mean that there is no use for Italian interpreter and translators. Actually, the necessity is more pronounced, because that means that there are a lot of Italian visitors and tourists, more likely to be visiting family, or friends.

Irish (Gaelic) – The need for Irish/Gaelic translators and interpreters stems from the same need as that for Italian interpreters. Because of the large portion of the Ohio community with Irish heritage and descendents, then it is that much more likely that there will be needs for Irish/Gaelic translators in the tourism and travel industry.

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