Oklahoma Translators & Interpreters


Interpreters Unlimited has been providing interpreter services and language translation services in Oklahoma for over 40 years. We offer services in over 130 languages, including in-person interpretation, document translation, and over-the-phone interpreting.

Which industries can benefit from Oklahoma interpreters or translators
Interpreters Unlimited provides translation and interpretation services for a variety of businesses across the state. The following areas in particular require industry-specific language service requirements:

Legal – Whether to provide interpreting services during a court hearing or to translate a deposition, certified legal translators are an absolute necessity. In the same way that the medical field requires accurate communication, legal matters must be conducted with the same care and efficiency.

Medical – Interpreters Unlimited medical translation and medical language interpreters are reliable, accurate, and professional. We work with hospital facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, and private physician’s offices throughout the Oklahoma area.

Corporate – IU works with small to large businesses providing interpreting services for conventions, conferences, negotiations, conference calls, public town hall meetings, and other corporate events.

Languages Spoken In Oklahoma:

Spanish – The state of Oklahoma is home to a sizeable Spanish-speaking community. IU provides a host of language services to meet Spanish interpretation needs across the state.

German – German-speaking individuals constitute a significant percentage of Oklahoma’s overall population.

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