Washington Interpreter and Translator


Washington State is generally not thought of as having a large multicultural community. However, this belief could not be more wrong. Washington’s major cities, such as Seattle, and Spokane, have very diverse communities, and outside of the urban atmosphere, there are suburbs, and rural counties in which numerous multicultural communities reside. Washington translation makes it more convenient for these people to live, and receive the same opportunities, care, and enjoyment as the rest of the state’s residents. Being a Washington interpreter can improve the lives of many individuals.

Who can benefit from a Washington interpreter or translator?
The industries in which Washington translation makes a huge difference to any individual that doesn’t speak English are numerous. However, the ones below are the most significant, and these industries are also the most likely to cause suffering if there’s no proper communication. Specifically; where a translator is the most necessary.

Medical – In the medical field, there’s nothing more important than being able to understand a patient when they’re trying to say where it hurts. Children and senior citizens are especially likely to show up at a hospital alone with no one to translate for them. Interpreters and translators are an invaluable resource for hospitals, clinics, and smaller medical offices.

Legal – Washington translators and interpreters that speak various Native American dialects will find many opportunities in Washington’s legal system. Native American disputes often arise, and with no one to translate clearly, the issues generally become more inflammatory. Other minorities without English skills also will find it easier to defend themselves, or prosecute, -even conversing with police, or lawyers.

Tourism and Travel – There are few other industries in which there is a higher need for translators; transportation and tourism deals with thousands of people coming and going in different directions every day, and hundreds per hour, and all needing details on those directions, and more often than not, speaking different languages. Washington’s airports, bus stations, and other major travel and transportation agencies need translators and interpreters of various languages nearby, or in their offices.

Insurance Companies – Insurance policies, of various mediums, are notoriously difficult to straighten out, even for those who speak English. Often, insurance companies do have Spanish translators on hand, or phone, or even translated paperwork. However, there’s more than just Spanish and English spoken in Washington; Native American, German and Filipino translators are often overlooked. Insurance companies would do well to expand their businesses with on-call translators.

Languages Spoken In Washington:

Despite popular opinion, Washington has a very diverse population, with its metropolitan cities, and numerous Native American reservations. Washington State’s need for certified interpreters and translators will continue to rise, and qualified individuals will need to be there to answer the call.

German – Most of the state of Washington’s population, aside from those citizens and immigrants of foreign descent, or heritage from other countries, claim German backgrounds. With this large concentration of German heritage, German translators are needed for Germans in the tourism and travel industry, for visitors and vacationers.

Spanish – Like everywhere else the numbers of Spanish and Latin American immigrants are increasing; more and more families are statistically shown to speak only Spanish at home. At the number of Hispanic communities rise in Washington, so does the need for Spanish translators.

Filipino – The Filipino community in Washington State is part of the fourth largest Asian population concentration in the country. According to statistics, the Filipino community is Washington is the fourth largest subgroup; making it a prime source of work for any Filipino translator or interpreter.

Various Native American Languages – Much of the Washington region is home to varied Native American reservations; these reservations require translators, and interpreters. Many older members are traditionalists, and prefer to speak only their tribe’s mother language, so interpreters and translators are a must for any reservation, or business that often deals with a reservation, or its authorities.

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