Louisiana Interpreter Services and Language Translation


Known as the “Bayou State” Louisiana is home to a melting pot of individuals from different ancestries and backgrounds. There are numerous cultures responsible for the historical shaping and development of this diverse state. Interpreters Unlimited™, offering services in over 130 languages, plays an active role in addressing the translation and interpreter needs of Louisiana’s multicultural population.

Who benefits from a Louisiana interpreter or translator?
The need for Louisiana translation is present across a variety of industries. The following fields are a few examples of the areas that require language translation services:

Tourism and Travel – Tourism in Louisiana is a multi-billion dollar industry that plays a major role in the state’s economy. Best known for mardi gras, crawfish, and Creole cuisine, Louisiana has a wide range of cultural elements to offer travelers. From Bourbon Street in New Orleans to the capital city of Baton Rouge, interpreters and translators can enable newcomers to acclimate to an environment possessing a broad range of linguistic backgrounds.

Medical – In a state historically known for its ethnic diversity, the need for Louisiana translators is a natural certainty. Hospitals require clear and accurate communication between patients and medical staff. Translators and interpreters address this need. Translating medical forms or providing interpretation of a patient’s concerns are just two examples of the dynamic role played by interpreters and translators.

Insurance Companies – The natural disaster known as Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in 2005. The damaging effects of the storm were experienced most strongly by the state of Louisiana, both during the hurricane and throughout its aftermath. In situations such as this, the need for interpreters and translators to facilitate communication regarding insurance matters becomes glaringly apparent.

Legal – The role of translators and interpreters in the legal industry is a natural fit. In the same way that the medical field requires accurate communication, legal matters must be conducted with the same care and efficiency. Whether to provide interpreting services during a court hearing or to translate a deposition, certified legal translators are an absolute necessity.

Languages Spoken In Louisiana:

French – French is the second most-spoken language in Louisiana, owed greatly to its historical background as a colony of France. Today, French is still considered a “de facto” language in the state of Louisiana.

Spanish – A significant percentage of Louisiana’s population speaks Spanish. This can be attributed to the state’s ancestral roots in Spanish culture. Approximately four percent of Louisiana’s population is of Hispanic or Latino background.

Vietnamese – Another common language spoken in the Louisiana area is Vietnamese. Although only 0.6% of the state’s population speaks Vietnamese, Louisiana has one of the fastest growing Vietnamese populations in the United States.

German – Louisiana is the home to Des Allemands, a town that can trace its roots back to 1721 when German immigrants first settled in the colony. Today, a small percentage (approximately 0.2%) of Louisiana residents still speaks German.

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