About Albors & Alnet
Who We Are

Albors & Alnet provides solutions wherever language creates a barrier to effective communication.  We are part of the IU Group of companies: Interpreters Unlimited, Albors & Alnet, Accessible Communication for the Deaf (ACD) and Arkansas Spanish Interpreters & Translators (ASIT). Together, the IU database is currently comprised of over 9,000 contracted linguists and drives across the country offering professional language services and non-emergency medical transportation services.


What We Do

Albors & Alnet is a full service language agency that provides all forms of interpretation and translation services in approximately 200 languages and American Sign Language (ASL). Our language services include in-person interpretation, document translation, website localization, telephone interpretation and video remote interpretation services. We work with dozens of school districts, universities, law firms, government agencies, workers compensation companies and corporations everyday to eliminate language barriers.

We also specialize in non-emergency medical transportation services for the workers’ compensation industry. These services transport patients to and from physical therapy, court and other medical appointments. The medical transportation services that we offer include ambulatory (sedan), wheelchair and stretcher transportation services across the United States.

Contact Us

Albors & Associates, LLC
2789 Wrights Road
Suite 1033
Oviedo, FL 32765

Toll Free: (800) 785-8634
Local: (407) 678-8634

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