New York Interpreting and Language Translation



Interpreters Unlimited services the entire state of New York across a range of industries. We have experience working with a wide breadth of businesses including schools, government offices, medical facilities, private businesses, and large corporations. One of the most diverse states in the US, New York has a significant population of individuals with limited English proficiency. IU enjoys the opportunity to ensure that language is not causing a barrier in communication.

New York Interpreters and Professional Language Translation Services

Interpreters Unlimited New York interpreters provide language services in the following areas:
Interpreters Unlimited provides interpreting and translation services for a variety of organizations throughout the state. The following areas in particular have industry-specific language service requirements:

Courthouses and Law Firms – Interpreters Unlimited works with New York law firms and courthouses to provide a multitude of legal services including translation of depositions, and interpreting for mediation, interviews, and court hearings. IU New York legal interpreters have the experience and qualifications needed to facilitate communication while ensuring accurate interpretation and translation.

Website Translation Services – IU provides expert website translation services to companies across a variety of industries. To address the large percentage of internet users who do not speak English, we offer accurate website translation services in over 130 languages. Expand your target audience by providing language specific versions of your business website.

Medical Translation Services and Healthcare Facility Interpretation – Interpreters Unlimited provides medical language translations and in-person interpretation for New York hospital facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, urgent care, and private physician’s offices.

Academic In-person Interpretation and Document Translation – Since 1970, Interpreters Unlimited has been supplying school districts with in-person interpreters and professional translation services. Call Interpreters Unlimited toll free at 800.726.9891 to learn how we can facilitate communication for students and parents with limited English proficiency.

Corporate Translation Services – Interpreters Unlimited provides language translation and localization services for both small and large New York businesses (public and private). Corporate clients choose IU based on our expert interpretation services in over 130 languages, with a choice for in-person interpretation or telephone interpretation.

Languages Spoken In New York:

Spanish – New York has a sizeable Spanish-speaking community. Currently, over 17% of the New York population is of Hispanic or Latino descent. IU supplies the NY area with a myriad of Spanish language services. Popular services include document translation, in-person Spanish interpreters, and over-the-phone interpretation.

Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) – New York is home to one of the largest Asian American populations in the United States. Among the numerous Asian languages that are spoken in the New York area, Cantonese and Mandarin are two of the most popular. Interpreters Unlimited provides both Mandarin interpreters and Cantonese interpreters in the New York area, in addition to offering language services in a variety of different Chinese dialects.

Italian – Italian-Americans constitute one of the largest ancestry groups in the state of New York. Based on this fact alone, the need for Italian interpreters and translators in the NY area is clear. IU caters to the language service needs of the Italian-speaking community in New York by providing a host of language services, including in-person interpretation and document translation.

Russian – There is a large population of New York residents who can trace their ancestry back to Russia. Interpreters Unlimited offers an extensive list of Russian interpreters and Russian translation services that we provide throughout the state of New York.

To learn more about Interpreters Unlimited and the New York interpreter and translation services that we offer, submit a request or contact us at 800.726.9891.