South Carolina Interpreting Services


Interpreters Unlimited provides in-person interpretation services along with telephone interpretation and document translation services throughout the state of South Carolina.

IU enjoys working in the beautiful state of South Carolina, where its Grand Strand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States not to mention the popular Mid-West vacation destination of Myrtle Beach. IU works with South Carolina Sign Language interpreters as well as 130 other language interpreters to meet the needs of this state.

South Carolina Language Interpretation Services and Language Translation Services
IU’s provides South Carolina interpreting and translation services in various languages including:

South Carolina Language Translation and Interpreting – Interpreters Unlimited assists South Carolina attorneys and other legal professional with professional Spanish translation service, Spanish interpreting services, and American Sign Language interpretation for legal translations. Our language translators have experience with working in contract sessions, court hearings, mediations, depositions, interviews, consultations and other legal matters. Please let us know if you need a court certified interpreter.

Corporate Interpreting and Document Translation Services – Interpreters Unlimited houses a Document Translation Services Division which provides various South Carolina language translating service and localization services for small to large size businesses. South Carolina companies find it advantageous to work with IU because we offer interpreting services in 130 languages and offer not only in-person interpretation but also telephone interpreting services with no setup fee or minimum usage requirements. Contact IU to receive a free estimate for your document translation project.

Medical Translation Services and Healthcare Facility Interpretation – Interpreters Unlimited provides South Carolina with medical language translation and medical interpretation for large hospital facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, urgent care, and private physician’s offices. Contact Interpreters Unlimited to learn more about how we help patients with limited English proficiency fully understand their health condition, healthcare needs, and treatment recommendations. Healthcare facilities should only utilize interpretation services from professional medical language interpreters.

South Carolina Interpretation for School Districts – IU has provided South Carolina language interpreting services including Sign Language. IU supplies reliable and language translation services for parents, teachers, students, and school staff. Call IU today at 800.726.9891 to learn more about how simple it to schedule interpretation services for your next parent-teacher conference, back-to-school night, teacher meeting, assembly, or other school-related activities. Both language interpretation translation services and interpretation services can be requested online.

To learn more about Interpreters Unlimited™ and the South Carolina interpreter and translation services that we offer, submit a request or contact us at 800.726.9891.