Sign Language Interpretation

Interpreters Unlimited works with thousands of clients all over America to provide accurate, simultaneous translation services for American Sign Language users. Our ASL translation services are performed by qualified, professional interpreters who are part of our nationwide network of over 8000 language professionals. Our service strives to bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing communities by providing American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation services. Like any foreign language, ASL has its own grammar and vocabulary. IU sign language interpreters have extensive experience and skill in ASL interpreting , as communication between hearing individuals and the Deaf/Hard of Hearing requires fluency in ASL and quick thinking to interpret in real time.

Individuals who wish to become a certified sign language interpreter must undergo rigorous study and testing. The accuracy of the ASL interpreter’s interpretation is of the greatest importance. For this reason the qualities found in the best sign language interpreters includes:
♦    Speed
♦    Accuracy
♦    The ability to think quickly while on the job
♦    Superior fluency of sign language skills
♦    Thorough understanding of the Deaf community and culture

IU has a proven track record of supplying sign language interpretation services to clients nationwide in the academic, government, state/county, healthcare, and legal industries. In 2012, we were selected to provide ASL interpretation for President Obama. With over 40 years of experience, IU is currently one of the oldest language service providers in the industry. Interpreters Unlimited provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for in-person interpretation and video remote interpretation.

There is a growing demand for sign language interpreters in a wide range of industries; however these positions can be hard to fill because ASL certification is not easy to obtain.

Interpreters Unlimited’s network of sign language interpreters extends across nation, and the majority of our ASL interpreters are certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) – the foremost organization for certifying American Sign Language interpreters.

From seminars, medical appointments, and court hearings to parent-teacher conferences and religious functions, Interpreters Unlimited can provide qualified ASL interpreters for any scenario. Our ASL interpreters are able to provide interpreting for many environments including:
♦    conferences and seminars
♦    depositions, arbitration, mediations and court hearings
♦    client meetings
♦    medical appointments
♦    workers’ compensation interviews
♦    employee interviews
♦    trainings
♦    attorney appointments
♦    parent/teacher conferences
♦    classroom interpretations
♦    religious functions

For more information about Interpreters Unlimited and our ASL interpreters, calling 800.726.9891 or
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