South Dakota Translators & Interpreters



Known as “The Mount Rushmore State”, South Dakota is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. For over 40 years Interpreters Unlimited has been meeting the diverse language needs of clients across the state. We offer services in over 130 languages, including in-person interpretation, document translation, and over-the-phone interpretation.

Languages Spoken In South Dakota

German – German is a language that one might encounter in the State of South Dakota. IU provides a host of language services to meet German translationeeds across the state.

French – Although South Dakota’s population of French speakers is relatively small compared to other ethnic groups, there is still an existing need for French translator services and interpreters. It is vital to ensure that adequate language service resources are available for all languages, including those that are less common.

Spanish – South Dakotahas a significantly sized Spanish-speaking community. Interpreters Unlimited provides professional language services to meet Spanish interpretation and translation needs across the state.

Which industries can benefit from South Dakota translators and interpreters?

Interpreters Unlimited works with a wide range of clients in South Dakota by providing translation services and interpretation services in over 130 languages and dialects.

Tourism & Travel – Tourism is an important industry in the State of South Dakota. Travelers with limited English proficiency can utilize our South Dakota translators and interpreters to facilitate communication during their vacation stay.

Legal – Certified language interpreters and translators play an active role in South Dakota’s legal system. A certified translator ensures that legal communications, whether in person or on paper, are represented precisely and without error.

Medical – Interpreters Unlimited medical translation and certified medical language interpreters are reliable, accurate, and professional. We work with hospital facilities, rehabilitation centers, behavioral clinics, and private physician’s offices throughout the state.

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