Hawaii Interpreter Services and Language Translation Services


Hawaii, known as “The Aloha State,” is comprised entirely of islands in the central Pacific Ocean. One of the smallest states in the US, Hawaii is also among the most densely populated. While Asian Americans constitute the largest percentage of the Hawaiian population, there are a number of different ethnic groups that are strongly represented throughout the state.

Languages Spoken In Hawaii

Tagalog – Over 5% of Hawaiian residents speak Tagalog. Filipino Americans also represent over 13% of Hawaii’s population, making them one of the largest ethnic groups in the state.

Japanese – After Tagalog, Japanese is the next most popular language spoken in Hawaii. A significant percentage of the Hawaiian population can trace its ancestry back to Japan.

Which industries can benefit from Hawaii interpreters or translators?

LegalCertified language interpreters and translators play an active role in Hawaii’s legal system. Legal situations require a great deal of accuracy in terms of communication. A certified translator ensures that communications, whether in person or on paper, are represented precisely and without error.

Insurance CompaniesIn the same way that legal situations require absolute accuracy in communication, insurance companies and their clients expect the same degree of precision and efficiency when it comes to their translating and interpreting needs. The role of the translator is a valuable necessity when dealing with insurance matters.

MedicalCommunication in the medical field is often detailed and rich with complex terminology. As such, it is important that medical staff and patients alike are able to communicate clearly and without error. A medically certified translator is the only option to guarantee that both parties can converse (and be understood) easily and accurately.

Tourism and TravelBeautiful beaches, awe-inspiring volcanoes, and hula dancing are only a few of the reasons why vacation goers flock to Hawaii year after year. Whether in the capital city of Honolulu or on the streets of Lahaina, interpreting services cater to the needs of travelers who speak languages that differ from the population of Hawaii.

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