Interpreters Unlimited’s over-the-phone interpretation services are available nationwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling our toll free number. We offer this telephonic interpretation service in over 130 languages and regional dialects. We have an extensive staff of certified, qualified and skilled telephonic interpreters. Our clients benefit from our on-demand telephone interpretation services which are available nationwide.

At IU our goal is to provide superior interpretation services, so we only utilize skilled linguists who meet our high standards. All telephone interpreters are prescreened for proficiency, knowledge of specific subject matters, and certifications (if applicable). Our interpreters deliver more than a word for word interpretation. They are able to convert verbal content into the target language while maintaining syntax, tone, and overall meaning so nothing is lost in translation.

In telephone interpreting, an IU interpreter listens to the speaker, analyzes the message, and conveys its meaning to the other individual(s) on the call. Our professionally trained interpreters do not simply interpret word-for-word; rather, they interpret meaning-for-meaning. Many language concepts can actually take several phrases to accurately describe in another language and vice-versa.

Before providing telephone interpretation services Interpreters Unlimited confirms that the assigned interpreter:

          ♦    is proficient in both languages that will be used
♦    is familiar with both cultures
♦    has the ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages
♦    has a general knowledge of the subject to be interpreted
♦    has excellent note-taking skills

If you are in need of telephone interpretation services, contact us at 800.726.9891.

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